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"To the Bitter End" by Stephen Cousins

Welcome to the Board Battles Wiki[]

This is the official wiki site for the forum-based Tandem Story/RPG system commonly referred to as the Board Battles, currently being held on

Board Battle[]

A Board Battle is a scenario, of varying genres, which is run by a Battle Master and played by at least 1 player.

The longest-running Board Battle is the Epic Board Battle (Epic BB)

For an explanation of the setting of the Epic Board Battle, see The Multiverse

For a list of the mighty heroes and villains from the Epic Board Battle, see Epic Board Battle Characters.

For a list of the different plot arcs, see Epic Board Battle Plot Arcs.

To the Bitter End[]

"To the Bitter End" is a Warcraft III mod made by Soul Reaver. It uses the same setting and several characters from the Epic Board Battle.

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